About us

Biotraining is a high performance company for preparation of top level athletes and education of experts in the field sport.

The basis of our work and success are:

This is a story about us…

Croatia is a small, beautiful and sporting country. Croatia can thank for their sporting success to its talented athletes and coaches, but also to wise and hard work. Biotraining is part of the Croatian sports fairy tale.

The Biotraining concept was created in 2001. The name combines life (Greek word bios or life) and training (English word training or exercise, schooling).

In the logo of Biotraining there is a line of supercompensation, which essentially and symbolically represents the ability of a person to adapt to stress, but also the dual relationship between work and recovery, between unpleasant loads and the pleasure of progress, and the relationship between wise effort ('smart / hard' 'principle) and sporting achievements. The line of supercompensation also depicts the wavy character and extremes of the sport, plus and minus, good and bad, success and failure, health and injury.

It is a concept of preparation for sport (prevention), support to the athlete (development) and remediation of the consequences of stress (recovery). The concept is simple and effective. It is based on observing and changing athletes. We observe each individual with detailed testing and monitoring of his/her characteristics, and we change him/her with personalized training, proper nutrition, mental training, recovery and lifestyle changes.

Great support for the Biotraining concept is the results of scientific research that confirms the protective and developmental power of the Biotraining system to improve health and sports performance.

The work of Biotraining is focused on top level sports. Our solutions lie in the synergistic action of kinesiology, medicine, nutrition and psychology. Our approach to the athlete is holistic and integrative (360 ° personal jacket). We start from individual needs that we solve with different tools (exercise, diet, mental training, recovery, lifestyle changes), which have a synergistic effect.

Top experts and partnership

The best promoters of our knowledge and skills are our experts. Biotraining brings together top kinesiologists, sports coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and psychologists. We continuously select and develop new young professionals. They are our greatest value and and bright future!

From the very beginning, we have promoted and lived in partnership with athletes and sports organizations. This relationship is based on mutual understanding, respect and trust, and on mutual commitment and responsibility towards the goals to be achieved. It is our privilege to rely on the testimonies of a large number of athletes and sports organizations who have been convinced of the expertise, innovation and efficiency of our knowledge and work.

We embarked on our journey with top level athletes in 2001. We had the privilege of working and living close to these great and successful people. And we learned from them all that time. We have learned that it pays to invest time and energy in ourselves, and that it pays to examine and push the limits of our body and mind. Wise and hard work helped them and us! Even today, working with top athletes opens to us new horizons and inspires us for new achievements. On the platform of perseverance, dedication, knowledge, experience and innovative solutions, in 2011 the company Biotrening was founded.

We want to share the acquired knowledge with others. That is why in 2019 we launched the Biotraining Performance Academy (BPA), our incubator and accelerator of knowledge and human resources. At BPA, we collect, create and disseminate knowledge and want to become an international center of excellence in the field of sports.

We believe that wise and hard work pays off in any case. We are also convinced that enthusiasm, passion and dedication can lead us to fulfill the desired life goals. Because one cannot imagine something that is unattainable.

We invite you to follow us on this journey with a simple recipe: wish, believe, act!

Your Biotraining team!