Biotrening EDU

Biotrening EDU

Biotraining Performance Academy (BPA) through its educational platform Biotraining EDU enables the participants of our trainings to meet top experts and fellow trainers for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and professional ideas. The trainings are adapted to the individual needs and tasks of the participants, and are aimed at finding solutions to very specific problems from everyday practice.

The trainings are held in the state-of-the-art fitness center but also in other locations in the country and abroad. The lecturers and mentors are experts with international references.

Type of education:

Courses for certificates (Biotrening Performance Academy certificate)

Biotrening Performance Academy certificate is obtained after successfully attending thematic seminars. The value of the certificate is reflected in the knowledge, ideas and solutions to professional problems, which participants receive in seminars. Also, the value of Biotraining was recognized during the competition for employment.

Duration of educational seminars: