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He exhumed the form of Croatian footballers and now reveals the secret of success at the SP in Russia

Ivan Perišić, Ivan Rakitić and Luka Modrić, the players who ran at the SP in Russia, the best km of marathons, and Marcelo Brozovic, who shot down the SP record in the number of kilometers run on one game. “Broz” has runned 16 kilometers and 339 meters away from mileage mileage has failed

Definitely we must admit that the Croatian national football team was physically ready, we are much better off than the competition. And when all this is added to the fact that Zlatko Dalić’s players have played the whole game more than others (three of us have been playing the extra 30 minutes!) All of them are simple – fantastic.

The Croatian football team is the second in the world, but it would probably not have been any great synergy and co-operation in all the fields within the staff that prepared the players. One of the most profitable for their physical training is Luka Milanovic (40), a young expert in fitness training for athletes who has been a member of the team for a number of years – since the mandate of Nika Kovač.

Okay, what’s the secret of success? Until a few years ago she had the reputation of being a Croatian football player simply – she did not run. Not sure they became ‘marathons’ overnight …

“There is no secrets there, it is only in good preparation and quality work,” says Luka Milanovic after returning from Russia and continues:

“All of our national teams have already reached their preparations for the maximum, and we were only upgrading and maintaining them. There are three things in this ‘pyramid’ – the first form that is the basis of everything, the technique and tactics that work with the team and ultimately the character of the player itself, ie the psyche that ‘drives’ that motorcycle. It is important to say that most of our team-mates play at the rhythm of two games a week, so the SP appearance was no bigger deviation. Besides all of them, they are already in form after working in the clubs, and here everything has been subordinated and adapted to the pace of the game. ‘

But the SP, at least for the Croatian national team that came to the finals, lasted for a full month. Plus preparations … It took some form to maintain the highest level.

“The most important thing in the whole story is an individual approach to each player. It is necessary for each of them to know what their habits are and to adapt to their work. Most of them also have private trainers they work with, we’ve all been in touch to avoid any negative consequences and to know how to spend extra training. It was a lot and never ceased, which was in the gym, which was in the field. But each of the players had their own program, which later supplemented the team. And finally, all effort was paid, “explains Luka Milanovic.

‘It’s a whole machine that has done a great job. An extraordinary team of people who are completely subordinated to the national team. The guys literally had a busy hand every day. And everything is done top-notch, “praises his teammates Luka Milanovic. They all did the job perfectly, from day one to preparation until the last SP day. And deserve world silver.

Without them, this result would simply not be possible, so Croatia had three extensions, the whole game more than the competition, and the SP passed without any serious injury.

“That is true, but great credit for the players themselves. Guys are top professionals, brilliant care about their body and makes it easier for us. Watch out for nutrition, prevention, rest … Just to the slightest detail, because you can only extend your toy career and prevent possible injuries, “explains Milanovic.

The fact is that Ivan Perišić and Ivan Rakitić have been in this SP for the most – 72.5 kilometers, Luka Modric just behind them with 72.3 kilometers, and with all that he did in the field, even 694 minutes in the game. How?

“With the proper organization between the games, and everything was subordinated to that rhythm, and their basic form, which we only ‘grunted’ and maintained with additional targeted work, is all that possible. It is not a weird thing, they are in their clubs in similar roles, “concluded Milan Milanovic, pointing to the end:

‘You know, our team is so normal in and around the national team that it does not matter – we’re not normal. So just imagine, a group of men 52 days together … How can this end? ‘

How? So silver at the World Cup!

In the end, let’s remind how many of our ‘marathons’ are running on this SP.

Ivan Perišić – 72,5 km (7 matches / 632 min.)
Ivan Rakitić – 72.5 km (7 matches / 639 min.)
Luka Modric – 72.3 km (7 matches / 694 min.)
Šime Vrsaljko – 68.8 km (6 matches / 607 min.)
Dejan Lovren – 65.8 km (7 games / 650 min.)
Mario Mandžukić – 63.6 km (6 matches / 608 min.)
Domagoj Vida – 60.5 km (6 games / 630 min.)
Marcelo Brozović – 60 km (6 games / 458 min.)
Ante Rebić – 57.7 km (6 matches / 547 min.)
Ivan Strinić – 52.1 km (6 games / 511 min.)