Individual high performance preparation

Biotraining performance specialists provide integral care for high performance capacities of top level athletes. Training design is based on precise diagnosis and the athlete's sports and training status. The training program is always closely related to the requirements of a particular sport, and special attention is paid to injury prevention, development of motor and energy abilities, recovery and building mental attitude of the winner.

Numerous top Croatian and international athletes testified about the effects of the Biotraining high performance system. Biotraining also takes care of young talented athletes. In doing so, we take care to prepare them for top sports achievements through: human development (multilateral development), building athletes and players (specific development), and only after that we create champions. The path of building young athletes is long, demanding and systematic, and our knowledge, experience and success are a guarantee of positive sports outcomes.

Team high performance preparation

The Biotraining system of integrated high performance preparation enables sport teams to achieve the desired sports results. Using state of the art knowledge about the training and recovery system, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports nutrition and mental preparation, Biotraining experts turn sports goals into reality..

For almost two decades, Biotraining has been providing its services to top sports teams in Croatia and abroad.